Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Mega Bloks Magic!

I went shopping the other day and couldn't resist buying a tub of mega bloks for my daughter.  I think I was probably thinking about myself more than my daughter!  

The colours of the bloks are just so gorgeous -pink, purple, lime green and turqoise - I just had to have it.  And it comes with two flower blocks and two leaf blocks.  So cute!!

I started off by making a house using the instructions card.  

And then I couldn't stop.  Next I made a car and a garage - because of course a house must have a garage.

Then came the lady of the house.  

And then of course the street lights.  And finally the fence.  



  1. That's brilliant! Wish I still had my lego!

  2. These are great, mega blocks never came in those colours when my kids were little.

    Going to follow you. Found you on Folksy

  3. Thanks guys I really appreciate it